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Fake It

New single – Fake It –
Part of 2 tracks EP  » How I Fake It »

The new single « Fake it » gets deeper and deeper in its heavy stoner rock sound. It’s an endless drilling for the sweet spot, where aggressivity and harshness meet melody and groove. Is it real? Is it fake? Who cares?

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Let You Down

Single – Let You Down –
Out on 11.5.2021

Influences blues and metal, the single « Let you down » turns out in a schyzofrenic structure. Dark and powerful stoner rock in verses and open rich choruses, make this song quite unheard. Continuing to deliver songs during 2021 – 2022.

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Wake Up! EP

1st EP – Wake Up –
Out on 4.1.2021

In our present, urban times, over-saturated by electro and hip-hop, dominated by show-offs and pretenders, Bar II keeps their mysteries to themselves. They won’t abide by the dictatorship of imagery only to focus on pure, raw, dark deranged rock music.

Listen to the single « Wasted »

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« Crazy rock band, stuck between Lost Highway and Vernon Subutex »

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